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What's So Rotten About Zombies Defending An Ancient Temple? - Campaign Supplies

What's So Rotten About Zombies Defending An Ancient Temple?

A stand alone rules-lite silly horror roleplaying game.
You are the undead horrors that protect an ancient temple. You’re rotting away and can hardly hold yourself up, but you are persistent, and your God is on your side. It is for telling stories about the monsters and exploring the motivations of evil creatures. It’s dark, grim, and probably goofy.

What do you need to play?

2 six-sided dice each (4 would be better),
3 to 6 people to play,
one of those people will be the Game master (GM),
and around two hours.

This game uses the super simple What’s So Cool About system. It is about telling stories and doing the bidding of ancient evil god. Inside you’ll find a collection of tables to help create an evil God, populate and design a temple, and create gross, rotting zombie characters. There’s also a few tables to help the GM keep said zombies busy.

When would I play this?

Play this when you need a break from your regular game. Play this to populate a temple for your regular game. Play this when you want to find out how the zombies feel about having their idols stolen. Play this to help your players branch out from their safety RPGs. Play this when you want to design a nasty god and the temple their worshippers live in.

by Stuart Watkinson

Content Warning:
Death, mutilation, gore, dark themes, religion and worship of evil, and violence.