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Mork Borg RPG - Cult Feretory - Campaign Supplies

Mork Borg RPG - Cult Feretory

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MÖRK BORG CULT: FERETORY is a collection of tables, monsters, items, classes, rules and ideas that you can use in your MÖRK BORG game, or any other rules light osr-style game about deadly adventures, cursed treasure and terrible odds. All community made content in the zine will eventually be published for free download on, and some already have been. The things done by Pelle and Johan however, will only be available in this zine. 

Community Created Content

  •  Cursed Skinwalker. A shapeshifting class whose careless drifting in the land of the dead merged its soul with that of another being. By Karl Druid. 
  •  Pale One. This strange character class is utterly alien, fundamentally other, and belongs no where. Watching, judging, waiting. By Tim Rudloff. 
  •  Dead God's Prophet. A heretical character class preaching the gospel of a dead god, slain by The Two-Headed Basilisks. But don't tell the church. By Greg Saunders. 
  •  d100 Items & Trinkets. What can be scored in the darkest of cellars and the rucksacks of the fallen? Use this list of keepsakes and trinkets to find out. By Pelle Svensson. 
  •  Roads to Damnation. Simple rules for overland travel, including distances, road encounters, village types and destinations. By Svante Landgraf. 
  •  Eat Prey Kill. Rules for hunting for food (or sport). Also 54 fully statted monsters, 6 for each major area of the dying world. By Karl Druid. 
  •  The Death Ziggurat. A delve into the ruins of a lost temple city where something is awakening. A descent into undead madness. A Cosmic Necrocrawl at the end of time. The Death Ziggurat is a short adventure about postponing the inevitable. By Carl Niblaeus. 
  •  The Goblin Grinder. The streets of Galgenbeck are overrun with goblins, turning burgher and pauper alike into their own cursed kin. But not to worry! For a low cost, a local chemist can whip up a cure. Until the price rises anyway. Risks? Of course not, it's tested and guaranteed to work! A cursed urban slaughterfest of an adventure about plagues, panic and profit. By Donovan Caldwell. 
  •  The Tenebrous Reliquery. A d66 table of terrible treasures. The Volt Thrower and the Plasmatic Idol. The Cauldron of Lies and the Zodiac Lung. Tyrant's Tongue and the Foehammer. By Anders Arpi, Ben H, Dom Cohen, Donny C, Johan Nohr, Karl Druid, Leander Elwischger, Paul Wilde and Flora v/d B. 

Content by Pelle Nilsson

These things will NOT be made available as free downloads on, this is the only way to get a hold of them:

  •  Forlorn Philosopher. A despondent, ever brooding character class aiming to control this world's harrowing fate with the power of overthinking everything. 
  •  Obscure Ochre Tablets. Ancient, sought-after clay tablets containing Powers that only the most enlightened mystic (or forlorn philosopher) can hope to wield. 
  •  Stretch Goal: Monster Generator. Create your own terrible foe with this generator. Determine appearance, behavior, abilities, goal and strange habits for your new friend. This will be included if we reach 70 000 SEK.  
  •  Stretch Goal: Black Sour Salt. This noxious, poisonous and possibly cursed mineral is carried on the winds of the dying world. Spreading disease and demonic disfigurement to any and all who happen to breathe it. This will be included if we reach 90 000 SEK.
  •  Stretch Goal: The Grey Galth Inn. Welcome to this fine (ish) establishment in the bad part of Galgenbeck where you can eat, drink and hope to multiply your coins with a game of Three Dead Skulls. This will be included if we reach 360 000 SEK.