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'Tis But A Scratch Pin - Campaign Supplies

'Tis But A Scratch Pin


Knights and adventurers, gather round! Embrace the spirit of gallant resilience with the 'Tis But a Scratch Pin, a cheeky nod to the bravery (and stubbornness) of a certain black-armored knight. If you never back down from a challenge, no matter how many limbs you might lose along the way, then this pin is for you!

This humorous pin features a knight standing tall and brandishing his sword, despite his rather inconvenient injury. The bright yellow background and dripping blood serve as a stark reminder that, in the world of knights and dragons, a missing limb is but a scratch!

Wear this pin on your armor (or any other accessory) to showcase your indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the quest, regardless of the odds. It’s the perfect accessory for adventurers who can laugh at danger and keep on fighting.

Show the world you’ve got the courage to face any challenge—get your 'Tis But a Scratch Pin today!