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Tin Sign - D&D Players Rules - Campaign Supplies

Tin Sign - D&D Players Rules


Adorn your realm with the wisdom of the ancients! This tin sign brings the D&D Player's Rules right to your wall, delivering essential survival tips for adventurers bold enough to brave dungeons, dragons, and dubious dice rolls.


  • Essential Adventuring Wisdom: From "Never split the party" to "The Dragon is never your friend," this sign's commandments ensure you won't fumble in your next dungeon crawl.
  • Perfectly Sized: At 20cm x 30cm, this sign is easy to spot, so even the most wayward wizard will see the rules before their next quest.
  • Dungeon-Ready Design: Crafted from sturdy tin, this sign will endure even the roughest of adventures, whether it's hung in your tavern or your gaming den.

Remember, heroes, the rules are simple: don't argue with the DM, and always bring enough to share. Hang this sign, follow its commandments, and may you always roll a natural 20!