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Tin Sign - D&D Basic Rules - Campaign Supplies

Tin Sign - D&D Basic Rules


Roll for nostalgia with this epic tin sign, a faithful homage to the legendary Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules set cover! Transporting you back to the days of dice rolls, dragon slaying, and dungeon delving, this sign is the ultimate addition to your tavern decor or gaming lair.


  • Vintage Adventure: Embossed with the iconic artwork that sparked a thousand campaigns, this tin sign is the portal to worlds of adventure.
  • Epic Size: At 20cm x 30cm, it's large enough to command attention on any wall, while compact enough to fit right into your favourite cozy corner.
  • Durable Design: Forged from sturdy tin, it's ready to withstand the fiercest fireballs and the loudest war cries.

Whether you're a seasoned Dungeon Master or a first-time adventurer, this sign is your invitation to adventure in style. Quest on, and may your rolls be ever in your favour!