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The One Ring RPG Mega Bundle - Campaign Supplies SALE

The One Ring RPG Mega Bundle

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This is the One bundle to rule them all!

Get everything you need to immerse yourself into Middle-Earth, including a bonus set of The One Ring custom dice: In this bundle you will get:

The One Ring RPG Core Rules 2nd Edition

The One Ring™ is a roleplaying game based on The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™, two extraordinary works of fiction by the beloved author and respected academic, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, published in partnership with Sophisticated Games.

First released in 2011, its award-winning design was hailed as the best attempt at bringing Middle-earth to the gaming table to date, thanks to its thematic rules and painstaking attention to detail. For 10 years, players of the game have traveled far and wide across Middle-earth, adventuring for multiple decades of game time.

Today, it is time for the game to enter a new era – this new edition of The One Ring brings players further into the Twilight of the Third Age with a new hardbound volume, presenting:

  • A set of updated and streamlined rules, developed thanks to years of players’ feedback and raising the game to the standards of quality that have made Free League so popular.
  •  A new setting to experience – the Lone-lands of Eriador in the year is 2965 of the Third Age. This is a vast land that once saw the glory of the North Kingdom of the Dúnedain.
  •  A complete visual redesign of art and graphics, offering a view of Middle-earth that is fresh and familiar at the same time.

The One Ring RPG:  Ruins of the Lost Realm (HC)

Eriador, the lone-lands described in The Lord of the Rings™, comes alive as never before in Ruins of the Lost Realm, a supplement for The One Ring™, the official tabletop roleplaying game based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. A region often described as deserted becomes a crucible for adventure, offering many hours of gameplay.

♦ Chapter 1: Fog Over Eriador offers a description of the regions that once were part of the kingdom of Arnor, with a focus on the city of Tharbad.

♦ Chapter 2: A Gathering Storm provides the Loremaster with a set of narrative elements aimed at building a possible future for the land of Eriador as a whole, including the description of many looming threats, Loremaster characters and their agendas.

♦ Chapter 3: Landmarks adds twelve sites of interest in the style of the one presented in the core volume. These locations depict both ‘historical’ sites mentioned in The Lord of the Rings™ or The Hobbit™, and others that have been created specifically for the game.

The One Ring RPG Loremaster's Screen & Rivendell Compendium

A top quality, deluxe Loremaster Screen in landscape format for The One Ring. It is made out of three sections of 3 mm thick hardback, measuring a mighty 855 x 216 mm when unfolded. 

The screen comes with a short printed compendium of Rivendell, including a description of "The Last Homely House east of the Sea", and full rules for playing High Elven Player-heroes.

The One Ring RPG Custom Dice Set

An alternate set of custom engraved dice, created especially for the Loremaster to use. The set features two Feat Dice (D12) and six Success Dice (D6)