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Sloth D20 Pin - Campaign Supplies

Sloth D20 Pin


Why rush into battle when you can roll your way there with the grace of a sloth? Meet your new spirit animal for game night: the Sloth. Hanging effortlessly from the mighty D20, this adorable sloth is here to remind you that even in the midst of fierce campaigns, it’s essential to stay chill.

Whether you’re rolling for initiative or just hanging out between turns, the sloth’s calm gaze and playful demeanour add a touch of light-heartedness to your adventuring ensemble. It’s the perfect way to show your gaming group that while you’re ready for anything, you prefer to take it one turn at a time.

Add this sloth to your pin collection and carry its laid-back charm into every encounter. After all, why hurry to victory when you can leisurely roll your way there?