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Ruins of Symbaroum - Gamemaster's Guide - Campaign Supplies

Ruins of Symbaroum - Gamemaster's Guide


The Ruins of Symbaroum Gamemaster’s Guide provides tools and guidelines for running the game, developing the setting and creating your own adventures. The content may be summarized as follows:


Invoking Symbaroum

  •  Gamemaster’s Rules – on Ability Checks, Combat and Challenge Ratings, Time Within the Game, and Shadow and Corruption.
  •  The Setting – describes three settlements central to the setting: Thistle Hold, the town of explorers and treasure hunters; Yndaros, the capital city of the kingdom of Ambria; and Karvosti, the cliff of the barbarian High Chieftain deep inside the forest of Davokar.

Running Ruins of Symbaroum

  •  Building Game Worlds – guidelines on how to understand and develop the specific game world of Symbaroum.
  •  Adventures and Landscapes – instructions on creating adventures and adventure landscapes where the PCs dictate the course and outcome of the story.
  •  Chronicles – tips on how to design an adventure chronicle (also called campaign or adventure path) set in the world of Symbaroum.
  •  Magical Items and Artifacts – a huge number of mystical artifacts that all come with ready-made adventure hooks, as well as guidelines on how to create mystical artifacts of your own.

Optional Rules:

  • Troupe Play in Symbaroum
  • Adventures in the Underworld, Yonderwold, and Spirit World
  • Advanced Traps
  • Pitched Battles
  • PC-owned estates and domains
  • Forest expeditions of different types
  • Ceremonial Magic
  • And more