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Pirate Skull Tankard


Pirate Skull Tankard

Ahoy, matey! Ready to drink like the scurvy pirate ye are? The Pirate Skull Tankard is the treasure ye've been seekin' to add to yer collection of swashbucklin' gear!

Craftsmanship and Design: This tankard be crafted from the finest materials, arrr! With a detailed skull design, complete with an eyepatch and bandana, it’s the perfect mug for plunderin’ a pint or two. The handle, shaped like a sturdy pirate’s bandana, ensures ye have a firm grip on yer grog, even when the seas be rough.

Perfect for All Occasions: Whether ye be playin' a round of Pirate Borg or just enjoyin' a quiet night in yer captain's quarters, the Pirate Skull Tankard be the perfect mate. It’s built tough to survive any tavern brawl or high seas adventure.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 600ml of yer finest rum (or any drink ye fancy)
  • Made from high-quality resin with a stainless steel insert to keep yer drink as cold as Davy Jones' locker
  • Intricate skull design with pirate details that make ye look like a true buccaneer
  • Ideal for RPG gamers, pirate enthusiasts, and anyone with a taste for the high seas

To clean just rinse with hot water.  ***Not suitable for Dishwasher***