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Mork Borg GM Screen - Campaign Supplies

Mork Borg GM Screen

  • A five-paneled A5 portrait wall of death 
  • Printed with gold metallic ink on one side and vivid neon yellow on the other. We want the screen to scream in your face when you run the game. 
  • We'll even equip each screen with two pairs of photo corners (for lack of a better name) that can hold A5 sheets with whatever tables or notes you want. So that you don't have to use that sharpie on the screen (I mean you still can, but you don't have to). Think old-school photo album, but for your adventure notes.
  • The front is all art, five scenes of various locales and important characters in the Dying world, from SHE in the mountains of Bergen Chrypt to the endless graveyard Graven-Tosk beneath the Shadowking's palace. 
  • The GM-facing side sports a wide array of tables and rules summaries that might come in handy during play, such as an NPC generator, equipment and Powers, combat summary (with an optional hit location table), generic enemy stat-blocks and a d100 list of random junk you can find when looting the cultists' coffers