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Forbidden Psalm: The Last War (SC) - Campaign Supplies

Forbidden Psalm: The Last War (SC)

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Stand alone expansion using the Forbidden Psalm ruleset. Complete miniatures agnostic skirmish game.

The Great War, World War, War to End all Wars, the only true name it has is the Last War, for now remains not enough people to fight another.

The War ended not with a bang but a cough and splutter. The disease that took hold spread far and wide. Few survived the fever and filth. With so few humans left those that dwelled in the night took up the arms of man to fight over what was left. Those scattered beings hunt the trenches of the last war for scraps, salvage and weapons.

Beasts, humans and all in between now hunt these deserted battlefields. Soldiers who have not realised the war has ended, demons of myth and nightmares and the few remaining citizens pick at what remains.

As if in response to the suffering man unleashed on man, a great fog has taken the land. What dwells within the swirling mists will chill even the most hardened of veterans.

What comes after the Last War? Only decay, death and destitution.