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Dungeon Mastery Bribery Enamel Pin - Campaign Supplies

Dungeon Mastery Bribery Enamel Pin


Calling all Dungeon Masters with a penchant for caffeine! The "This DM Accepts Bribes" pin is here to remind your party that even the mightiest Dungeon Master has a soft spot for a good bribe—in the form of coffee, of course. 

Whether you wield your power for good or revel in crafting challenging encounters, every DM deserves a little pick-me-up. Pin this to your shirt, hat, or dice bag, and let it serve as a subtle hint that a well-timed cup of joe might just tilt the odds in their favor.

Wear this pin and own your coffee-powered Dungeon Master vibes. Because behind every great campaign is a DM who appreciates a little caffeinated encouragement!