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Dungeon Master Dragon Pin - Campaign Supplies

Dungeon Master Dragon Pin


Ladies, gentlemen, and adventurers of all kinds, behold the ultimate badge of honour for any Dungeon Master who rolls with swagger! The Dungeon Master Pin isn't just another shiny trinket – it's a testament to your unwavering authority, your uncanny ability to weave intricate stories, and your divine right to unleash critical hits on unsuspecting adventurers.

This pin commands respect and admiration from all party members, while the "Dungeon Master" badge leaves no doubt about who's in charge when it comes to throwing fireballs and setting traps.

Pin this badge on your favourite cloak, shirt, or adventuring gear and let your players know they're in for a legendary campaign. Whether you're behind the screen or out in the tavern recounting epic tales, this pin ensures everyone recognises the mastermind in the room.

Grab yours now and let the adventures begin!