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Dungeon Master Cat Pin - Campaign Supplies

Dungeon Master Cat Pin


Attention adventurers, storytellers, and feline enthusiasts! Introducing the purrfect pin that embodies the whimsical spirit of every Dungeon Master: the Dungeon Master Cat Pin. Whether you're rolling dice or your cat is rolling on your gaming notes, this pin encapsulates the blend of mischief and mastery that every DM needs.

With a fierce yet adorable cat peering over a classic DM screen, and a D20 gleaming brightly at the centre, this pin marks you as the fearless leader of adventures great and small. 

Wear this pin with pride on your cloak, your gamer hoodie, or even on your dice bag. It's a talisman that says, "Yes, I am the storyteller, and yes, I might add a cat dragon to the campaign." Whether you're navigating dungeons or deciphering your cat's intentions, this pin is here to remind you that every adventure is worth it.

Ready to bring a little more whimsy to your wardrobe? Secure your Dungeon Master Cat Pin today, and let the tales unfold!