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DIE RPG 6pc Dice Set - Campaign Supplies
DIE RPG 6pc Dice Set - Campaign Supplies

DIE RPG 6pc Dice Set

Available for pre-order

DIE RPG is a game about dice.

(It’s about a lot more than dice, actually – heartbreak, trauma, emotional transformation and Dungeons & Dragons, as well. But dice are pretty  high up there.)

If you want a beautiful set of themed dice to delight your players with, you can pick up a set of our official DIE RPG dice here. The Dictator’s D4, the Fool’s D6, the Emotion Knight’s D8, the Neo’s D10, the Godbinder’s D12 and the Master’s D20 are all present, as you’d expect. These custom dice come in Proper Die Red, and have the iconic die net image instead of the highest value etched into every one. They come in a neat presentation box that you can whip open in front of your players before ceremonially removing the dice and handing them out to set the mood, and they are guaranteed* 20% luckier than any other dice on the market.



*Not guaranteed