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Dice Hoarders Club Pin - Campaign Supplies

Dice Hoarders Club Pin


Welcome, dice enthusiasts and polyhedral collectors alike, to the Dice Hoarders Club! Show off your obsession with this cheeky pin that screams, "More dice, please!" 

Featuring a stunning array of dice, from d4s to d20s, all gleaming like gems in a dragon's hoard, this pin is a badge of honour for those who treasure every roll. This pin lets everyone know where your loyalties lie and that your dice bag is probably heavier than your character sheet.

Pin this beauty on your favourite bag, jacket, or dice tray to let your fellow adventurers know you mean business when it comes to rolling high. Whether you’re critting or crit-failing, you'll always look sharp with this pin in your collection.

Join the club, embrace the obsession, and grab your Dice Hoarders Club Pin today!