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CY_BORG RPG: Asset Pack - Campaign Supplies SALE

CY_BORG RPG: Asset Pack

$49.95 $61.95

The CY_BORG Asset Pack is a bundle of game accessories that'll make your cybernetic life somewhat easier at the table. Including:

1.      A high-res map of Cywith its sectors and blocks, and a summary of its most prominent corporations and cults. For target practice.

2.      A fillable character sheet.

3.      The Location Pad; 34 one-page locations with adventure hooks, random encounters, secrets and loot.

4.      The one-page adventure Reaper Repo. Approach the killmatch champion Steel Jackhammer and recover his shiny new, and allegedly stolen, chrome legs (undamaged). There are only two problems: the legs are very much attached to Jackhammer, and he is—since two days ago—busy partying in his penthouse, along with a horde of drunk or stoned killmatch athletes, enthusiasts and other C-list VIPs. Let the party begin