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Call of Cthulhu Pin - Campaign Supplies

Call of Cthulhu Pin


For Those Drawn to the Dark Side

Fellow Lovecraftian scholars and cosmic horror enthusiasts, let your eldritch allegiances shine with the Call of Cthulhu Pin! This elegant badge of horror pays homage to the classic tale that brought forth one of the most terrifying entities to ever haunt our imaginations.

This pin features an intricately detailed book cover, capturing the ominous presence of the Great Old One himself, Cthulhu. The swirling tentacles evoke the depths of the ocean and the madness within, a fitting tribute to the iconic tome that has driven countless adventurers to the brink of insanity.

Whether you're investigating eldritch mysteries or simply adding a dash of cosmic dread to your wardrobe, this pin is the perfect accessory for any cultist of the arcane. Pin it on your cloak, backpack, or your favourite horror-inspired outfit to let everyone know that you're a member of the cosmic horror club.

Beware, for once you adorn yourself with the Call of Cthulhu Pin, you may find your dreams haunted by tentacles, strange symbols, and dark chants. Grab yours today, and embrace the madness!