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Adventurer's D20 Tankard


Adventurer's D20 Tankard

Ready to level up your drinking game? The Adventurer's D20 Tankard is here to quench your thirst for epic quests and mighty brews!

Craftsmanship and Design: This tankard isn't just a cup; it's a +10 to Charisma at your next game night. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials (because we know adventurers like you demand the best), it features detailed carvings of everything a seasoned hero needs: a mighty D20, crossed swords, and shields to fend off any pesky critters trying to steal your ale. The handle? It's a dragon's head, because why not hold your drink like the true dragon-slaying champion you are?

Perfect for All Occasions: Whether you're guzzling down a victory pint after slaying a dragon, or simply enjoying a quiet night in your castle (or couch, we won't judge), the Adventurer's D20 Tankard is your trusty sidekick. It's built to withstand any epic spill or clumsy tavern brawl.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 600ml of your favourite potion (or beer, whatever)
  • Made from high-quality resin with a stainless steel insert for those who appreciate not tasting yesterday's grog
  • Intricate designs that say, "Yes, I rolled a natural 20."
  • Ideal for gamers, fantasy enthusiasts, and anyone who secretly wishes they lived in a medieval tavern

To clean just rinse with hot water.  ***Not suitable for Dishwasher***