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Pendragon: The Grey Knight (HC)

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Challenge Death's Companion!

Pendragon: The Grey Knight is a complete campaign, fully compatible with both the Pendragon Starter Set and the Pendragon: Core Rulebook.

Knights walking by a tree made up of emaciated bodies

What's Inside

The Grey Knight waits for vengeance, and time is running out! Can you find the treasure that holds the key to defeating this vile foe, and save the kingdom itself?

A Complete Campaign

Image of a mounted lady all dressed in black. She has a dwarf with her and a mounted champion.

Revised and updated for the new edition, Pendragon: The Grey Knight is a beginner-friendly campaign book, containing everything you need to run the legendary Grey Knight campaign.

The text has been fully updated for the new edition of the game.

A decorated helm and shield

Epic Story, Epic Characters

A king and queen of the forest. He has antlers and her hair are smaller branches.

Meet Arthur, Guenever, Merlin, Morgan le Fay, and other famous characters while you and your fellow Player-knights attempt to turn the tide of Arthurian history by participating in famous battles. You’ll also encounter giants, the fae, and other mythical creatures.

A strange beast running through the forest

A Campaign for New Players

Two knights hiding behind a rock as a large giant comes out of a cave.

Pendragon: The Grey Knight contains two prequel scenarios that bridge The Sword Campaign from the Pendragon Starter Set to the adventures in the Grey Knight campaign. These bridging scenarios make Pendragon: The Grey Knight an ideal campaign for new players and GMs!

A chapel with a storm cloud looking like a great cat

Expanded Setting Information

A stylized map of King Arthur's England

The book includes an entire chapter dedicated to detailing the city of Carlion, including a full-page map!