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Spire: The City Must Fall - Game Master Bundle - Campaign Supplies SALE
Spire: The City Must Fall - Game Master Bundle - Campaign Supplies SALE
Spire: The City Must Fall - Game Master Bundle - Campaign Supplies SALE
Spire: The City Must Fall - Game Master Bundle - Campaign Supplies SALE
Spire: The City Must Fall - Game Master Bundle - Campaign Supplies SALE

Spire: The City Must Fall - Game Master Bundle

$99.95 $149.95

In the mile-high ancient city of Spire, the cruel and beautiful high elves rule through bloody oppression – and the dark elves have had enough. In Spire:The City Must Fall, players take on the role of a rebel cell in service of a forbidden goddess of shadows and misdirection, and it is their mission to overthrow the government with a mixture of espionage, rabble-rousing, illegal magic and murder.

In this Game Master Bundle you get the following:

  • Spire: The City Must Fall RPG Core Rulebook:
    • The revised, 5th anniversary edition of Spire is a 252-page book which contains:

      • A quick and easy D10 system that lets you tell stories of brutal rebellion
      • Details on the districts, factions and personalities that make up Spire – the frozen high elf kingdom of Amaranth, the lawless undercity of Red Row, the mysterious Mortician sect and the bleeding hole in reality known as the Heart
      • Eleven character classes, including the vagabond Knight, the sorcerer-artist Idol and the arachnid nurse Midwife
      • Multiple extra advances to sculpt your character, allowing them to learn the hidden magicks of the Ministry, fall back on their military training, or devote their existence to a mad cannibal king who lives under an abandoned warehouse
      • A gamesmastery chapter, written with an eye to help you craft conspiracies and power structures that your players can topple, subvert or be consumed by
      • Over fifty illustrations by the tremendously talented Adrian Stone
      • The full contents of the previously-separate Black Magic sourcebook, including full and inadvisable rules for demonology
      • The adventure Blood & Dust, also available separately
      • Beautifully redesigned by ENnie award-winning layout artist Mina McJanda
  • Spire: The City Must Fall - Quickstart:
    • Streamlined rules, edited and redesigned for clarity and ease of play
    • Six pregenerated characters include Bonchance Malrique (a spoiled but brilliant Midwife occultist), Diyell Serpent’s Eye (an ex-military gangster Knight), and Mallory Hemlock (a damaged Lajhan moonpriest with a taste for murder)
    • Snuff Out The Sun, a starter adventure, which focuses around the murder and replacement of a prominent high elf bishop before (or during!) a spiritually-relevant solar eclipse
  • Spire: The City Must Fall - Magister's Guide:
    • New advances, equipment, fallout and specialised adversaries for every Spire class, including those released in the Strata and Sin sourcebooks
    • Full rules for Safehouses, which provide a Ministry cell with a fully-furnished base of operations and cult headquarters
    • Acquisitions, which make multiclassing and getting hold of equipment both easy to adjudicate and fun to do
    • Liberty, a new shared resistance, which represents the efforts of the aelfir to oppress the drow all across the city
    • Beats, an alternate method for advancement adapted from our ENnie-award-winning Heart which lets you focus on individual goals and scenes
    • Tips and advice on running games of Spire
  • Spire: The City Must Fall - Shadow Operations - A Spire One-Shots Book
    • The missions contained within are:

      LIFE AND SOUL by Grant Howitt

      THE LAST TRAIN by Nathan Blades

      A SHOTGUN WEDDING by Christopher Taylor

      HOUSE OF LEAVING by Sharang Biswas

      HOW TO STEAL A BODY by Pauline Chan

      JAILBREAK by Basheer Ghouse

      THE MOON BENEATH by Jabari Weathers

      POWDERKEG by JP Bradley

      RIME AND REASON by Christine Beard

      THESE FERAL SAINTS by Pam Punzalan

      THE SHOW MUST GO ON by Jason Pitre

  • Spire: The City Must Fall - GM Screen
      • Core rules summary
      • Quick-fire guide to the city districts
      • Every fallout, summarised for your convenience
      • Random Aelfir and Drow name and personality tables
      • D20 NPC leverages that you can exploit
      • And more!

      The front panels make up a tripartite shrine to the Goddesses Three, beautifully rendered by Spire artist Adrian Stone.