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Pathfinder for Savage Worlds: Ultimate Core Boxed Set - Campaign Supplies

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds: Ultimate Core Boxed Set

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An ancient and evil undead thing rises in a dark dungeon. A long-forgotten horror stirs in the dark forest. A hungry and vengeful dragon awakes in forgotten mountains. A cry for help echoes across the world of Golarion. Brave heroes —the Pathfinders— answer the call. They are crafty rogues, powerful sorcerers, and deadly fighters. They are humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. They are heroes!

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds combines the “Fast! Furious! Fun!” of the best-selling, award-winning Savage Worlds game system with the incredible depth and excitement of Paizo’s phenomenal Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the world of Golarion. Create your own adventures or play one of the legendary Adventure Paths, starting with Rise of the Runelords!

A massive boxed set that includes:

  • the Core Rules
  • Bestiary
  • GM Screen and Hollow’s Last Hope adventure
  • Quick Chase Deck 
  • Action Deck 
  • Power cards 
  • Status cards 
  • Archetype Cards – Set 1 
  • Inner Sea Poster Map 
  • Templates and Tokens
  • Dice
  • Bennies
  • Power Dials